Stories About Mysterious Disappearances (22 pics)

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Felix Moncla

This might be the strongest case for proving that alien abductions exist. In November 1953, Felix Moncla was an Air Force pilot at Kinross Air Base in Michigan. He was sent to check on an unidentified flying object over Lake Superior, which is technically restricted airspace.

The radar showed him flying out and meeting the UFO, and the blips even overlapped for a bit. Only one dot flew away, north into Canada, and disappeared. No trace of Moncla or his craft was ever recovered.


Richard Halliburton

Halliburton was a traveller, adventurer and author. He was the original badass playboy explorers and lived a life that Indiana Jones would be jealous of.

For his last trip in 1939, however, he salvaged an old Chinese Junk and planned to sail from Hong Kong to San Francisco. During his travels, however, he disappeared without a trace. The US Navy launched a massive search, but no evidence was found of the ship or her crew.


Percy Fawcett

A well-known archeologist and British explorer, he became obsessed with what he called “The Lost City of Z” – an ancient city supposedly buried in the Amazon. In 1925, with his son and best friend, he set out to find it. Tragically, all 3 disappeared without a trace.

Many other explorers set out to find Fawcett and his mysterious city, and the most they found was a lost tribe in the jungle, who kept an oral tradition of a white man who met with them. They told him to refrain from going further, as there was a more dangerous tribe ahead. He probably didn’t listen and was dispatched without a trace.


The Roanoke Colonists

In 1587, a group of 115 British colonists landed at Roanoke Colony off the Island of Roanoke (modern day NC). The Governor of the colony, John White, left the colony a few months after arrival, to go back to England to get supplies, leaving his wife, daughter and granddaughter.

Upon returning to England, his ship was commandeered by the Queen, as a war broke out between England and Spain. It was 3 years until he could return. When he did, the colony was abandoned, leaving only the word “CROATOAN” carved into a tree. No one knows what happened to the colonists.


Ambrose Bierce

An author and satirist (best known for An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge), his work was pretty dark and cynical. He was sarcastic, witty and difficult to be around. It got to the point that his family isolated him.

So he did what everyone else does when their family pisses them off; he took a walk. At 71, he crossed the Rio Grande and was never seen again.


Heinrich Müller

Müller was Hitler’s Gestapo Chief in Nazi Germany. He was a monster, and deserved the full arm of the allies prosecution against him. Except he was never found.

Last seen in Hitler’s bunker a day after Hitler’s suicide, he just vanished. The CIA and Israeli intelligence conducted decades of investigations and raids, but he was never discovered. They’ve pretty much found almost all of the worst of the worst war criminals, but somehow Müller ceased to exist.


Raoul Wallenberg

Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat in Budapest at the end of WWII, and he was responsible for saving 100,000 Jewish lives. He set up safe houses, issued passports, and was a genuine hero. Then the Soviets found him and he disappeared.

Years later, the Soviets admitted to kidnapping him, but they claimed he had a heart attack and they just put him in a potters field. There’s many other claims, however, that the KGB kept him in Lubyanka Prison well into the 70’s, imprisoned as a spy. Either way, he hasn’t been seen since 1945.


Jim Thompson

Known as the “Thai Silk King,” Thompson led an interesting life. He started off as an architect, then joined the OSS (the pre-CIA), and was sent to Thailand. After he left the OSS, he started a silk business, and was quite successful.

In 1967, however, he left his “Moonlight” bungalow in Panang, Thailand, for an afternoon stroll, and never returned. There was no trace ever found of him again.


John CP Williams

Williams was a New Zealand cardiologist, who discovered a congenital syndrome that would bear his name, that afflicted patients with stunted growth, size, and cardiac problems. With this breakthrough discovery, it was only a matter of time until the Mayo Clinic came calling.

Described as erratic and eccentric, he was on his way to report for his new job, but he never did. He was never heard from again.


Marvin Clark

Clark is the oldest unsolved missing person case in US history. A resident of Tigard, Oregon, he got on a bus in 1926 to visit his daughter in Portland, but he never arrived.

In 1986, some loggers found an old skeleton with old belongings, a gun and a bullet. It was ruled a suicide, but no one thought to check to see if this was Clark.


Lionel “Buster” Crabb

Crabb served in WWII in the Royal Navy and was a certified badass. In 1956, he was recruited by MI6 to do recon of a Soviet cruiser. He put on his scuba gear and slipped under the water. Except, once he went under the water, he never came back.

Some time later, a body with no head or hands floated up on the shore, in scuba gear. No one could determine if it was Crabb, but it’s generally assumed that the Soviets had him disappeared.


Jim Sullivan

A local musician in Malibu, California, he released an album called U.F.O in 1969. Despite his popularity, he never made it big. He did get an offer from a producer from Nashville, who told him to drive out there.

So with his guitar in hand, $120 in his pocket, he got into his truck and drove away, leaving his wife and son. His truck was found abandoned in New Mexico, with the guitar still in the back.

Even more chilling, is that his album U.F.O was about a man who drives off into the desert, leaving his family behind, and getting abducted by aliens.


The Springfield Three

On June 6th, 1992, two friends Suzie and Stacy went out to party. Early the next morning, they went to Suzie’s house where her mom lived. The three women were never seen again.

When police investigated the house, nothing was touched, there was no signs of struggle. All of their purses were at the top of the stairs, and the cars were all parked on the driveway. It’s like they just walked out, and never came back.


The Mary Celeste

This was an American ship found near the Azores Islands in Portugal. She had left NY for Genoa, Italy, but never made it. When the ship was finally boarded, it was found completely empty with everything intact, minus 1 lifeboat.

None of the crew or passengers were ever seen again, and there’s no evidence to suggest what happened to the ship.


Theodora Burr Alston

The daughter of United States Vice President Aaron Burr, she was an educated and outspoken woman.

When the War of 1812 broke out, she was placed on The Patriot, a schooner and sent north to New York, from South Carolina. She, and the ship, never made it, nor was any wreckage found.


William Cantello

Cantello was a highly respected inventor and landlord in Southhampton, England. He was credited with inventing an early prototype of the machine gun. When he completed his project, he told his family he was going to go on holiday for 3 months. He never came back, but money kept on being sent to America, but the trail went cold.

Years later, investigators and family heard of an inventor in America who invented a machine gun. When the approached him, they recognized him as their dad, but he was going by the name Hiram Maxim. He didn’t recognize them.

It’s never been proven that William Cantello and Hiram Maxim were one and the same, but then, what happened to William?


Jesse Evans

Jesse Evans was a notorious wild west outlaw and had a gang he called “The Boys.” While he was committing armed robbery with Billy the Kid, he was tracked down and thrown into a prison in Huntsville.

In 1882, he escaped and disappeared without a trace.


Cheryl Grimmer

Cheryl Grimmer was only 3 when she disappeared and it’s a notorious missing person’s case that grabbed the headlines in 1970. She was with her family at Wollongong Beach in Australia. She was hiding in the public showers and refused to come out when her brother called to her. He left for 30 seconds to get his mom, but by the time he returned, she was gone.

Witnesses claimed that she was taken, yet there was no proof. Recently, a 60 year old man admitted to kidnapping Cheryl and murdering her, but the details he’s given are sketchy.


Glenn Miller

If you ask your grandparents who the biggest star when they were kids, they’d say the Glenn Miller Orchestra. He was a big band icon in the 30’s and 40’s, and joined the war effort during WWII.

Towards the end of 1944, he was flying from the UK to France to perform with is band, and he disappeared. There was no trace found of him or his pilot in the English Channel, or anywhere else.


Boston Corbett

If you remember your history, you’ll recall this guy’s nickname – “Lincoln’s Avenger.” Corbett helped hunt down and execute John Wilkes Booth. He was considered a patriot and a hero, until he went insane.

He was committed to an asylum, but escaped in 1888 and was supposedly headed to Mexico. He never made it there, or anywhere, as he disappeared.


Henry Hudson

An explorer who mapped the majority of Northern America and has Hudson’s Bay named after him. He was tasked with finding a northern passage to Asia, but never found it. While sailing back to the New World, he hit a harsh winter and his crew staged a mutiny when he refused to turn back.

No one knows what happened to him after that. The crew claims to have set him adrift with provisions, but there’s no evidence of what happened to him after that, in the Canadian wilderness.






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