So, What Is This? (24 PICS)

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"I cleaned my car at the weekend and found these grey foam things on the ground afterwards. What are they?"

A: "Bonnet/hood. They are shown as number 34 on this parts diagram (though diagram is for different year, it should give an indication of where they came from)"


"What is this antique crank press/device on the wall of my friend’s house? The plate reads “SENGER 1952”."

A: "It’s a corkscrew puller. There is a piece missing, the actual corkscrew. You put the corkscrew into the bottle’s cork, and this easily pulls it out."


"What is this giant metal disc being transported by truck?"

A: "The top of a silo"


"What is this thing? It seems like it made out of rubber and was laying in the road."

A: "Its one piece of this Baby Einstein teether toy."


"Anyone knows what this plastic ball with 4 flat sides that have magnets on them is from? I found it sticking on the frame of my bicycle."

A: "Magnetic molecular model"


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"What is this white 5” x 8” rectangular pad with 7 irregularly spaced holes?"

A: "It’s heat insulation for parts of the engine."


"What is this generator looking thing? Wired directly through the wall of the house. Is it a medical device of some sort?"

A: "Looks like the heat exchanger for an air conditioner or heat pump."


"Someone brought this into a friends antique shop and we’re all trying to figure out what it is and what it’s used for. The glass in it is curved inward on both sides and shuts together."

A: "That is the condenser stage from an old enlarger, for printing from large format sheet film negatives. The opposed planar-convex lenses helped to evenly spread the light from the lamphouse across the negative to be enlarged."


"What is this thing with cord about 5 feet long and two handles(?) about 14 inches long?"

A: "That’s the string to a diabolo. It’s a sort of yo-yo that people juggle with."


"What is this thing found in my kitchen drawer while moving? Plastic measuring cup that opens with brush inside. I’m pretty sure they go together, and they might be for an small appliance."

A: "Comes with InstantPot brand blenders. It’s the push stick and cleaning brush. I have one on the top of my fridge."



"What is this in the sky? Long grey cloud, didn’t seem to touch the ground. The thin white cloud along the edge of it was a lot brighter in person, it didn’t even really look like a cloud."

A: "It’s an aircraft contrail casting a shadow on the haze/cloud below it. See them quite often where I am due to lots of flight paths."


"What is this? Its metal and somewhat heavy. As the picture shows its 40 cm long."

A: "It’s a shock absorber."


"What is this large brick structure? Found at the edge of a field in South England."

A: "It’s an old pumphouse."


"What is this black and white stick thing found on the shore of the Thames in London."

A: "Looks like a cut piece of vinyl flooring of some sort. Black stuff could be adhesive or attached padding."


"What is this ~6 inch tall piece of plastic with a metal base that collapses in to it?"

A: "A clarinet stand"



"What is this ‘extra’ square of countertop? It’s covered in the same laminate as the counter but has rubber feet on the bottom. I was thinking you could put it on the stove for extra counter space but it’s not really the same size."

A: "It’s a cutting board. Common for scrap countertop to be made into matching cutting board for home owner."


"Glass tube with chambers holes and an elongated nipple found in a home."

A: "Oil defuser attachment for a dry herb vape"


"Metal, a couple of feet long, with hooks on either end (offset 90°), with nail-like spikes down either side."

A: "I’ve seen these used for drying corn for seed. Place an ear on each spike and hang it to dry."


"Is this a scientific instrument ? What for? Composed of several hollowed metallic tubes. two have a mirror at the end (in the spherical end). There is also a hollowed octogonal piece with slits about 1-2 mm width."

A: "It’s a surveyer level"


"Plug at Frank Lloyd Wright house"

A: "It’s for hooking up a radio antenna."



"Tiny container found metal detecting at the beach, plastic with metal lid, about 2cm long"

A: "It’s a gas station pill bottle"


"What is this antique piece of equipment? 4 feet across, solid heavily weathered metal and was used on a family farm in the Midwest USA that has been active since 1860s. The piece hasn’t moved since the 1950’s."

A: "It’s a planetary gear. It has been removed from the machine it transfered power to."


"What is this thing? It’s a small, wooden light weight object. Has a rose embroidered in it, as well as some other design on the back. It is coloured orange, red and green. It’s width is about 3/4 inches wide and it is about 3 3/4 inches tall."

A: "It looks like this rose oil."


"Long Box, shaped similar to a mail box, but with a tube Type opening in the centre. Outside appears to be painted leather stretched over ply wood, the ends and base are timber."

A: "It’s a wine tote."



Domenic 10 month s ago
Thank you Issismile
Susannah 10 month s ago
#21, ok. ......then what is a 'gas station pill bottle'?
Prescott 10 month s ago
Susannah, It's a bottle to hold pills that someone got from a gas station.
Delphia 10 month s ago
Well, duh. Thanks for nothing, Prescott.
Anybody else have an actual answer?
Hal 10 month s ago
it's a pill bottle. for narcotics. just like how those shops sell 'vases'
Gus 10 month s ago

this was already the idiots edition before you stepped in, but you took it to a new level.
Candy 10 month s ago
#12 I can't believe you had to ask.
Roxie 10 month s ago
#23 is a rose oil container common in Bulgaria.



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