Are These Crazy Taste Combinations Actually Good?! (12 PICS)

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Bread, butter, and watermelon

"Cold watermelon and bread and butter, on a hot day. Keep the watermelon in the fridge for a couple of days, so it is really cold, get any fresh bread of your choice, and use real butter, with salt. Because the melon is cold, it stops the butter from melting in your mouth, so you have to chew until all the flavors blend. If you combine fat, sugar, flavor, and a thickening agent, you get ice cream. We grew watermelon by the tons, so this was our treat on a hot day."


© Peter Todaro / Quora


Corn with cheese and lime salt

"This is actually gaining in popularity now, but when my husband first introduced me to it I was like, “Are you serious?” It definitely taught me to be willing to try anything at least once, since it has now become one of my favorite foods. What is this delicious, amazing, scrumptious delicacy you ask? It’s elote! In case you are wondering, elote is a fairly simple dish consisting of one ear of white corn, slathered in mayonnaise, then rolled in parmesan cheese and dusted with chili lime salt. When fresh corn is out of season, we like to make it in a cup using canned white corn. It is sweet, tangy, spicy, really almost the perfect snack! "


© Jeannette Uzeta / Quora


French fries with ice cream instead of ketchup

My roommate came back from Wendy’s with a Frosty and fries and I asked if he was dipping them in his shake. He looked at me disgusted and I had to convince him to try it. Now he keeps asking me where my food wisdom came from.


© FhaeShine / Reddit


Cheese with honey and coffee

"Cheddar cheese + ground coffee + honey. I saw this one on one of Jamie Oliver’s shows. I tried it out and loved it! On a slice of cheddar put honey and coffee grounds and pop it in your mouth. It is bombastic!"


© Clara Mev / Quora


Grilled eggplant slices with chocolate

"I just tried it out a few hours ago for the first time: grilled eggplant slices (frozen pack kind: once you unfreeze them they are quite nicely dry, they lose their mushy watery trait; and that’s good in this case) covered with melted chocolate. The taste is surprisingly great! There are actually proper recipes when it comes to this combination."


© Alessandra Munari / Quora


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Vanilla ice cream, olive oil, and sea salt

"One of the tastiest treats I’ve had started from reading it on a menu and thinking to myself, “Ew, really?” The waitress insisted we try it and if we did not like it, she would pay for it. Since she was so confident about how good this dessert was, I decided to try it. It only took one bite. The smoothness, cold, and creamy sensations as I devoured this first bite had me hooked. It melted in my mouth as I was scooping my next bite. How could something that only included 3 ingredients be so good? Ever since then it has been one of my favorite treats because it is so easy to make at home."


© Laura Potter / Quora


Half a walnut, Bulgarian feta, and a basil leaf

"Half a walnut, Bulgarian feta, and a basil leaf. My Iranian friend introduced me to this, it’s a bit awkward to make, but man it is an amazing flavor explosion. The crunch of the nut, the creamy cheese, and the herbal pop that comes from the basil. It’s one of those things that you think you will only have one of, but before you know it you have been hovering over the serving dish eating little nut bundles for like 20 minutes and your pants no longer fit."


© vylettefairwell / Reddit


Pumpkin, meat, yogurt, mint

"One of my favorite foods is an Afghan dish called kaddo bourani. It consists of pumpkin slices candied in sugar, meat sauce, yogurt, and mint. There’s a similar dish where the mint leaves are stuffed into ravioli and everything else is dumped on top. If you layer all of these things inside another pumpkin that’s been carved into a bowl with a lid, it makes an edible Thanksgiving centerpiece!"


© shinkouhyou / Reddit


Beef and octopus

"It wasn’t my discovery but I was shocked at how good it was. One of my favorite Korean places in Washington, DC has a dish called “Bullak Jeongol” that is a Korean casserole with beef, octopus, and lots of other goodness. It’s made for 2. It is literally the best thing that I’ve ever eaten. On the way home, I commented to my friend, who is trained as a chef, that I’d have never thought to combine something as strongly flavored as beef with something as delicately flavored as octopus. But, man alive! Was it awesome!"


© Charlie Rand / Quora


Cheese with condensed milk

"I was visiting a friend that makes cheese. It was early morning, so he offered to make me breakfast. He made tea and cut some cheese cubes. I thought it was time to eat, but he took some condensed milk he made himself, poured it into a cup, and told me to dip the cheese in the milk! It was incredible!"


© PicaChel / Pikabu



Bacon and glazed cherries

"Bacon and glazed cherries (for baking). Wrap a cherry in a slice of bacon, skewer it with a toothpick, and put it in the oven until the bacon is done. Heaven in your mouth!"


© snitchnipple / Reddit


Apple pie with cheese

"My family thinks it’s normal to eat apple pie with cheese. The first time my girlfriend had apple pie with my family, she swore we were insane."


© theuselessgeneration / Reddit



Tony 1 year ago
man_in_l sarcastic
Onnie 1 year ago
#3 It has to be a chocolate Frosty from Wendy's and fresh, crispy, salty fries.
Waldo 1 year ago
its not bulgarian feta. The only white cheese called feta is greek and its protected origine pruduct.
Lura 1 year ago
My father-in-law put cheese on his apple pie. I’ve still never tried it.
Serena 1 year ago
Lura, It's good. Very good.
Nicholas 1 year ago
Lura, Yes, Very sharp cheddar cheese, not melted on, of course... just a nibble between bites of pie. It a very New England/Upper midwest thing.
Ricardo 1 year ago
#12 is valid but, you don't place a giant slab on top. Yu shred some cheddar on the top so it melts and gets slightly crispy as it bakes.
Bertram 1 year ago
freshly brewed french press coffee with cream and sugar and a good bowl of quality weed. Trust me
Middy 1 year ago
Bacon is good with almost everything.



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