These Foods Are Kinda Overhyped… (16 PICS + 4 GIFS)

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“To be honest, cronuts are just a pastry, you cannot expect more from them than from a normal pastry. Deep-fried rings of croissant dough is a new idea. And it tastes just like a good pastry should. However, it’s not worth lining up for. Over time people might come to this realization, and the cronuts will recede into the culinary sidelines.”


Cindy Fischer


“Pretty much everything they serve in those sophisticated star restaurants, especially in those Michelin all-star restaurants. Yes, I know I would be laughed off by many food nerds for my little brain’s unacceptance of this trend. But meh… Am I gonna eat it and feel happy? Seriously, is this what I have to pay a fortune to eat? Well for me these trends are perfect examples of “More money than brain.”


Jyotipuspa Das


“As if fish was not expensive in and of itself, fish eggs create havoc on the entire menu of a fine dining restaurant. A delicacy for some, caviar is nothing but salt-cured fish eggs, used as a topping on little starters and also as an add-on with selected wines and dishes.”


Ananvita Bhattacharya


“Guacamole is viewed as some sort of green gold, the highest-valued currency of chip dip. It’s generally requested above salsa, and salsa is arguably more important because guac is too filling if you’re going to be consuming food for hours. You can mindlessly eat salsa, but if you continuously dip into the guac for an entire NFL game, you eventually end up feeling like you ate 3 thousand pounds of cement. It’s a great once-every-3-chips dip, but it’s treated like the life of the party when, in reality, no one eats enough of it and you always have too much leftover. You can’t even save it because it’ll get all brown and gross in the fridge.”


Ronniee Roy


“Molten chocolate cake. It’s a chocolate cake with a center that’s basically raw.”


Dhaval Chauhan


Izismile Videos

“How any restaurant charge a lot for a pizza, which is basically just a flat piece of bread with just a few grams of (very thin!) other stuff “sprinkled” on top, beats me. The raw materials cost “next to nothing” and I resent paying over the odds for something that can be prepared in less than a minute or 2 by an inexperienced “cook.” If I ever have to “cook” a pizza for my son and his friends, I buy a cheap pizza base, spread a little tomato paste, add some quality grated cheese, and then I pile it HIGH with more than just 1/8 of a mouthful of protein.”


Kenneth Dakin


“Kobe beef is considered by many to be the very best cut of meat in the world. In order for a cut to be classified as Kobe, it must adhere to many strict factors, for example, it must be born and raised in Hyōgo Prefecture and must have a fat marbling ratio of level 6 or above. Cows have a special diet and care regimen, and classical music is played during their feedings. It’s necessary to make the texture of the meat softer. It melts in your mouth, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. None of these methods improve the texture or the taste, but it makes the price and the demand higher.”


Dan Knight


“Bird’s nest. Expensive, dirty, tasteless, and produces unrealistic results.”


Diana Wu


“The first time you drink coconut water, you will think you are drinking petrol. It tastes terrible! Then you will persuade yourself to accept the taste because it’s popular, expensive, and good for your health. But no matter how healthy the coconut water is, I will not drink it and torture myself anymore.”


Cindy Fischer


“I know green tea is good for you, but I can think of many tastier ways to be healthy. I have tried all types, but it still a bit like taking medicine to me.”


Lili McKenzie



“Chocolate-covered strawberries sound great and seductive and everything, but they have several flaws. You can’t bite into one without the chocolate cracking off, the ratio of fruit to chocolate is always skewed, and there’s no way to look attractive when you eat one. If you’ve figured out how to eat a chocolate-covered strawberry without getting chocolate all over your face and seeds in your teeth, please email me your secrets.”


Ronniee Roy


“Is there anyone who has tried stinky tofu from China? I love it, even though it doesn’t smell very good. It’s one of the most overrated and over-praised foods. Found at street stalls and night markets throughout China and Taiwan. It smells like a wet sock. It actually tastes good. It’s the smell that gives it a semblance of character — brines vary and can include anything from fermented milk to shrimp — and once you settle into it, it’s not that bad.”


Grace Jia


“Smoothies have been overrated for too long. A liquid dessert masquerading as healthy food, smoothies usually contain buckets of sugar and way too much of everything else, like fruit, protein powders, and other add-ins that you may think are healthy but really aren’t. Therefore, I would like to eat some fresh fruit instead.”


Cindy Fischer


“I don’t understand why people like Sichuan hotpot. It’s made with re-used oil (they will tell you directly in the restaurant, they say it’s more delicious this way). The quantity of spicy red pepper numbs your mouth and makes all the food inside taste the same. The food you put inside (as I said it becomes all the same taste) usually includes organs, cartilage, and so on… All things that, in my opinion, should only go into the trash bin.”


Nettuno Rossi


“Swedish meatballs, every culture has some version of meatballs, and other countries’ meatballs are usually not as bland as the Swedish version. Homemade meatballs with brown sauce can be nice, but 80% of what is served is commercially produced and is definitely mystery meat. A few years ago, horse meat had been slipped into the meatballs.”


Linda Tisue



“Don’t get me wrong. I know some people who genuinely like frozen yogurt because of its natural tangy flavor. The people I’m specifically referring to here are those who decided to switch from good old ice-cream to froyo because it’s apparently healthier. But it contains more sugar to hide the sour yogurt taste and it’s loaded with artificial flavorings and other additives. Dessert is supposed to be enjoyed, not tolerated.”


Rozalin Mohanty


“Cooked fresh morels. Completely boring.”


Brian Zoebisch


“Mango chutney sauce. Slowly disappearing, but I remember when every restaurant had mango chutney for at least one dish. Its complex flavor goes with very few things.”


Ca Lo


“Aioli. Essentially garlic-flavored mayo. It’s good, but 2/3 of the time it just masks terrible cooking. A lot of places now have flavored aioli, but in this case why not just properly cook up the bacon, pine nuts, garlic, dill, and truffles separately and deliciously, instead of suspending them in mayonnaise?”


Ca Lo


“Salads without meat, eggs, or cheese in them. It’s leaves. You are eating leaves. Perhaps it is flavored using a dressing, but it’s still leaves.”


Jon Mixon




Rosina 1 year ago
Interesting post. I agree with most of it.
Indie 1 year ago
#2 this person definitely was never in a fine dining restaurant. (but still has an opinion about it - jeez)
Almira 1 year ago
Indie,well aren't we little miss stuck up snob. so will you be seasoning in the Hampton's this summer?
Indie 1 year ago

I'm european. Go somewhere else with you US class conflict sh#t 27
Midge 1 year ago

Arly 5 month s ago
Indie, cause class conflict only happens in the US 35
Almira 1 year ago
#4 Guacamole, never tried it, never wanted to try it, never will try it. nuff said
Midge 1 year ago

Cool story bruh
Elisha 1 year ago
They all need ketchup.
Daniel 1 year ago
Wow 20 people have different opinions, who cares
Loretta 1 year ago
#19...No it's not. Aïoli is a mediterranean dish served with a garlic and olive oil emulsion.
Hallie 1 year ago
#5 is wrong. Chocolate lava cake is not just undercooked chocolate cake. Its frozen ganache in the middle that becomes molten when baked. MOLTEN YOU PISS HEAD! MOLTEN!!!
Dora 1 year ago
#9 - true. Maybe doesn't taste as petrol - rather water that someone else has had in the mouth.
However: once you add some (overproof) rum to it, the mix becomes a tropical delicacy !
K.c. 1 year ago
very cultured ppl made this post lol
Georgia 1 year ago
#6 - Kenneth Dakin = wannabe freeloader's whinge

Expects to pay the cost of the ingredients to eat pizza in a restaurant, like he does to make one at home. dash

Ever thought that the owner and staff are making and serving your pizza to make a living after taxes, dummy? Never noticed the restaurant is in a building, with things like chairs and tables, a kitchen, crockery and utensils, lights and running water that all cost money? A bit like the stuff in the home you pay for, but probably kept cleaner?

And FYI there's protein in the pizza base, tomato paste and cheese... and fats (and often carbs) in the sort of meat you'll most likely be piling on it.
Augustina 1 year ago
#6: really?

Some people have no tast at all.



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