Curious Pieces Of Information About Nutrition (13 PICS)

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Trans Fats Are Unsuitable for Human Consumption

The way trans fats are made involves high pressure, heat, and hydrogen gas in the presence of a metal catalyst. What does that do? It ensures that liquid vegetable oils can stay solidified at room temp. The truth is, this is NOT something you should be consuming. As of 2018, trans fats have been banned by the FDA. However, you may still find them in some foods that were manufactured before then.

Food Doesn’t Care About Timing

…In terms of when you eat. Studies have shown that meal size and frequency have no effect on burning fat or losing weight. Eating smaller meals throughout the day won’t ensure that you lose any more weight than eating one large and one medium meal throughout the day. Calories consumed vs calories burned will always be the key to weight loss.

Remember That Diet Trends ALWAYS Change

When it comes to the latest diet fad, it’s important to understand that the mainstream media has a LOT to do with how popular it is. Look for proper research and studies on a diet before trying it, because these fads often wind up as ‘fitness myths’.

Meat Does Not Rot In Your Colon

Talk about a freaky headline… The human body is incredibly well-designed and more than equipped to absorb and break down meats.

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Eggs Are Not The Enemy

Eggs have been demonized in the media for years. However, new studies have shown that cholesterol from eggs doesn’t raise blood cholesterol in the majority of people. In fact, eggs are incredibly nutritious and provide good protein for little calories.

Sugary Drinks ARE The Enemy

Drinking your calories is probably the worst thing anyone can do when it comes to the modern diet. You may consume a ton of sugar and calories without any sustainable satisfaction. With this, you will eat more and eventually wind up in a caloric surplus. Sugar-sweetened beverages will ruin your diet more than any other junk food.

Low Fat Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Naturally low-fat foods, like veggies and fruits, are good. There are also, of course, healthy fats that your body LOVES. However, many new products labelled as low fat are typically filled with a ton of unhealthy ingredients.

Beware of Fruit Juice

Fruit CAN be healthy, and fruit juice is easy to consume. However, when drinking fruit juice it’s incredibly easy to consume a ton of sugar. A small cup of fresh orange juice contains as much sugar as two full oranges.


Bacteria Isn’t Bad

It is incredibly important to ensure that your gut is happy. Eating foods that contain GOOD bacteria is essential to maintaining a healthy gut.

There Are No Shortcuts

It s#cks to hear, but it’s true. Diet supplements simply do not work. The only way to achieve and sustain weight loss and muscle gain is to make a lifestyle change.

Carbs Nor Fat Make You Fat

You don’t have to completely avoid either in order to lose weight. In fact, having some of both is a good thing. The truth is that it is the ENTIRETY of your diet (and exercise) that will determine your weight loss or gain.

Junk Food Can Be Genuinely Addictive

With technology in food nowadays, we are eating more processed food than ever before. When you realize that a lot of what you’re eating isn’t even ‘real’, it’s pretty scary. Food engineers have even found a way to make junk food so good that your brain gets flooded with dopamine. Studies have even found similarities between processed junk foods and commonly abused drugs.

With this, trust me when I say I understand how hard it is to cut junk out.


Organic or Gluten-Free Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Labels are meant to attract you to buy the product… by any means necessary. Now, when something says it’s organic or gluten-free, that is probably true. However, the thing to be wary of is that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. Gluten-free foods may contain zero gluten, but they may also have been made that way with other, unhealthy ingredients. Organic sugar is still sugar, and too much of it can be a bad thing when it comes to weight loss.


Gus 1 year ago
This is one exceptionally smart an true post. Yet most people won't believe it.
Greta 1 year ago
All good advise here, especially about diets and losing weight!! good




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