Some Conspiracy Theories That Might Actually Be True (19 pics)

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Courtney Love Murdered Kurt Cobain

The lead singer of the grunge band, Nirvana, Kurt Cobain became the voice of a generation in the early ’90s. Struggling with drug addiction and the pitfalls of becoming a celebrity, Cobain was found dead by a gunshot wound to the head in 1994. The case was deemed a suicide, with investigators claiming it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound that had killed Cobain. The autopsy also stated that his body had heroin and Diazepam in it at the time of his death. While there were a number of films released about his life and death shortly afterward, the one that has created the most intrigue was Soaked in Bleach. Courtney Love had hired a private investigator, Tom Grant, shortly after Cobain ran off from Exodus Recovery Center, a detox facility. The docudrama is based on Grant’s experience as a former police detective, and the inconsistencies that emerged while investigating the Cobain case. Many things were called into question: the timing that Love reached out to Grant to report Cobain “missing” aligned with what the coroner’s report estimated as his time of death, Love’s volatile behavior, and the fact that Cobain wasn’t suicidal by anyone’s reports except Courtney Love.

Princess Diana Was Killed By The Royal Family

When Diana Spencer was first romantically-linked to Prince Charles, the world thought the marriage would be something out of a fairy-tale. While Princess Diana was known for her charitable works, her loving nature as a mother, and her incredible style, Prince Charles was making a reputation of his own. His previous sweetheart, Camilla Shand, had also been married, and the two began having an affair after he married Princess Diana. The tabloids released embarrassing intimate tapes between Prince Charles and Camilla, and in 1994 he publicly admitted to having an affair. Both Prince Charles and Camilla divorced their spouses, but their reputations took an immense beating throughout the ordeal. While Princess Diana came out looking like the beautiful style icon that stayed strong throughout, the world turned on the Prince of Wales and his publicly-known mistress. Whilst Princess Diana was still alive, there could be no way for them to respectfully announce their relationship and have it accepted by the public. Some speculate that the Royal Family had something to do with Princess Diana’s death, since it was a pivotal part of uniting the British people. It also seemed to allow Prince Charles and Camilla to continue their relationship unhindered.

Prince Harry Is Not The Son Of Prince Charles

It’s been publicly known that Prince Charles was having an affair during his marriage to Princess Diana, since there were intimate tapes released by the tabloids and he later admitted to the affair. Diana also admitted to having an affair during the marriage, having a relationship with James Hewitt for several years. In a 1995 interview with BBC’s Panorama, Diana stated, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” While people went on to crucify Prince Charles and his newly outed mistress, Diana’s admissions about the affair with Hewitt opened up many new questions. With Prince Harry maturing in his looks, the public can’t help but compare his striking features to the former lover of Princess Diana. They both have denied that there was even a possibility of that, since the two hadn’t started their affair until after Harry had been born. Yet, some have urged for a paternity test to solidify whether or not he truly is the second son of Charles, Prince of Wales.

Janet Jackson Had A Secret Child

There has always been a media circus surrounding the Jackson family, since there was so much talent in one family. Michael Jackson branched out from The Jackson 5 to become the “King of Pop,” and Janet Jackson is acclaimed for her skills both in acting and performing. While much of their lives seem to have played out in front of the cameras, much was also shrouded in mystery. The world was shocked once they heard of Michael’s death and his drug abuse, but Janet has had some secrets of her own. In a tabloid society, it was surprising that she could keep her marriage to René Elizondo Jr. hidden. Yet, they were secretly married in 1991, and their relationship stayed out of the public eye for almost a decade. With Jackson’s obvious ability to keep a secret, it makes fans wonder what else she could be hiding in her personal life. One conspiracy that has been around ever since her teen marriage to James DeBarge was annulled, involves a secret child that she gave away. Some say that her niece, Stevanna Jackson, is actually her daughter. Startling similarities can be seen in side-by-side photos, and it makes people wonder.

Giants Once Roamed The Earth

Almost every culture and religion has some sort of reference to giants, from a race of superhumans in Hinduism to the Nephilim giants in the Bible. Many archaeologists have found bones and human fossils throughout the world, with many depicting human beings that were abnormally larger than standard men and women. However, many of the more dramatic findings have turned out to be hoaxes. One example was when a photo went viral depicting huge human bones, but then it was revealed that it was a photo that won third place in a photo-manipulation competition called “Archaeological Anomalies 2.” Because there have been so many hoaxes surrounding giants that once roamed the Earth, many find it difficult to know what the truth really is. However, it’s important to note that the same story of “giant-like” humans have persisted in so many different areas. It stands to be questioned why so many believe in this theory if there is no shred of truth in it.

Osama Bin Laden Killed JFK Jr.

The public first fell in love with John F. Kennedy Jr. when he was photographed playing underneath his father’s desk as a child, but he quickly became America’s heartthrob as he matured. The assassination of JFK was Earth shattering for the American public, and it felt like all of their hopes were put into his son “John John.” When the world heard the news of his plane crashing, it was another shocking blow to the psyche of Americans. Yet many believe it was not pilot error or a simple mishap. One conspiracy theory suggests that the plane was actually involved in a bombing set in place by Osama bin Laden. In various recordings, he made mention of President Kennedy and also offered some conspiracy theories of his own. With JFK Jr.’s connection to New York and the embodiment of the American people, it doesn’t stand outside the realm of possibility that he would be a target for a terrorist organization.

Ted Cruz’s Dad Partook In JFK’s Death

The assassination of JFK has always been surrounded with a cloud of mystery and distrust, since many feel that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have worked alone. Many reference the “Magic Bullet theory,” saying that it simply wasn’t possible for him to have shot all the bullets throughout the incident, and of course there is the grassy knoll theory. Yet many have wondered who could have been the other shooter. While some say the United States government or even Cuba was involved, others reference a photo that was taken of Oswald shortly before the shooting. He is seen passing out pamphlets with another man, who some have cited as none other than Rafael Cruz, the father of Ted Cruz. Donald Trump actually picked up this story and helped to perpetuate it, but Cruz responded to USA Today saying, “I guess I should go ahead and admit yes my dad killed JFK, he is secretly Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa is buried in his backyard.”

9/11 Involved Controlled Demolition

While some think of 9/11 as the moment the world became aware of true terrorism in the United States, others think that it was actually a cover-up to disguise a mass murder. Experts have cited the inconsistent temperatures in the heat structures at the World Trade Center, and there are claims that the stream of debris told a different story. Also, the way the buildings came down appeared to be a calculated decision rather than a structural inadequacy. The rate at which the buildings collapsed and the style in which they fell helped add fuel to the theory that it was actually brought down on purpose. The building blueprints were withheld from the public for an extended amount of time, and when they were finally revealed it showed that the structure was more than sound. The structural steel columns in the core of the building should not have allowed the same fall that occurred. There was also a third building that was referenced by BBC and CNN. Building 7 was across the street from the North Tower, wasn’t hit by a plane, had fires on only a few floors, and yet collapsed in a demolition style the night of 9/11.

Government Shut Down Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura

Former professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura has had quite an extensive career and time in the public eye. A career in the U.S. Navy helped to give him a credible background to serve as the Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, and his time as an actor and political commentator helped to ingratiate him to the public. Ventura added his name to the list of entertainers that went on to pursue a career in politics, since even Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger both had an acting background. With Ventura having an inside track to all of the inner workings of Washington, his truTV show seemed like a real whistleblower move on his part. Investigating many of the controversial topics in politics, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura ran for three successful seasons before it was canceled in 2013. Many of the episodes investigated hugely controversial topics, and some episodes even sparked government officials to release statements about the show. Some speculate that the real reason the show was canceled was because it brought to light something that the government wanted kept quiet.

The Government Is Watching You Through Your Webcam

The United States government has always been criticized for its occasional abuse of invading the privacy of its citizens. From Nixon’s Watergate scandal to the hugely controversial red light cameras, the latest controversy over Edward Snowden brought further attention to issues regarding national security and information privacy. It is surprisingly simple to hack into an unsecured webcam, with many public figures knowing all too well how it can be done without any knowledge by the owner. One conspiracy theory involving webcams is that the government is actually hacking into the webcams of all United States citizens to gather and collect streams and photographs. This actually isn’t that far-fetched of a theory, since the Optic Nerve program by Britain’s GCHQ ran in cooperation with the N.S.A. The program was being used for automatic facial recognition experiments and was gathering images taken from unsecured webcams without notice to the users. Documents were released on this program, but it wasn’t fully divulged on how egregious the webcam exploitation was or how much access the NSA had to the Yahoo database.

George W. Bush Had Ties With Osama Bin Laden And Helped His Family

When many people think of Osama bin Laden, they only think about his terrorist status and the numerous videos released with him inside of a cave. However, a little known fact about the bin Laden family is that many of the other family members were actually legitimate business people that even had ties to the Bush family. The Bush family worked with Texas businessman James R. Bath, who worked with Bin Mahfouz with ties to the highly controversial BCCI banking group that was known for laundering money and a number of questionable banking services. Osama’s eldest brother, Salem, was linked through business matters with the Bush family and their family oil company, Arbusto Energy. With business interests invested in the bin Laden family, many have theorized that was a large part of the reason why it took so long to finally find and ultimately kill Osama bin Laden. Others have theorized that Bush actually helped the bin Laden family flee the United States directly after the 9/11 attacks, and that he may have done all of that to hide his business connections with them.

Ebola Was Released To Administer Population Control

The emergence of Ebola in Africa caused a major pandemic that brought victims to almost every corner of the world. A number of theories have derived from the reemergence of this deadly disease, with many citing population control. Yet others have cited the connection between the big names in pharmaceuticals with their political connections. Many have questioned why there are so many viruses and diseases that are no longer cured. With the advancements in medicine and medical technology, it seems strange that there are no new cures being provided for some of the deadliest illnesses in the world. Some have theorized that the Ebola breakout was orchestrated to control population numbers around the world, and then will follow up with the release of an Ebola immunization or cure that will mean big bucks for the pharmaceutical companies. Some have even questioned whether or not the United States government had a hand in perpetuating Ebola and giving rise to its emergence in the U.S., since they called for U.S. medical professionals to travel to Africa during the breakout.

The U.S. Government Is Trying To Take Over Puerto Rico And Degrade The Race

There are misconceptions about Puerto Rico, with many confusions over the relationship it has with the United States. Although they send their own team of athletes to the Olympics, it isn’t actually an independent country. Ever since it was taken in the Spanish-American War of 1898, it has been an overseas territory of the United States. Puerto Ricans are considered U.S. citizens, and anyone born in Puerto Rico is considered a “natural-born” American citizen. Yet the U.S. has performed atrocities on the people of Puerto Rico and the environment that would have theorists wondering whether or not there is a conspiracy to completely take over the island and culture. In 1947, FDR’s “Operation Bootstrap” policy initiated a female sterilization program that left 39% of the female population sterile by 1981. Vieques, an island municipality of Puerto Rico, was used by the U.S. military for bomb testing for 55 years. The cancer rate on the island skyrocketed and toxic compounds were found in the ground water, crabs, and species of fish. Much of this information is kept from public knowledge, and instead the media bombards the public with images of gang-related Puerto Ricans to further degrade the culture.

Lost City Of Atlantis Was Real

The story of Atlantis was first introduced in 360 BC in Plato’s works Timaeus and Critias. Plato was a Greek philosopher that many credit with founding Western philosophy. As he was known for having a gift with words, many theorized the story regarding Atlantis was mythological and only meant to convey his theories on politics. The demise of Atlantis was a way to legitimize his own theories, rather than accurately describe a specific location that was overtaken by water. One conspiracy theory suggests there was an actual location of Atlantis, and many have gone in search of this famed lost city. Plato didn’t help much with details on the city’s location, only saying, “Beyond the Pillars of Hercules.” It seems like every few years, a new research team goes out in search of this lost underwater city. The latest was in 2011, when a team of archaeologists and geologists claimed to have finally pinpointed the location beneath mud flats in southern Spain. Claiming that it is completely plausible for a tsunami to have inflicted the kind of damage to the city in Plato’s works, new life has been brought to the story of Atlantis.

The Kennedys Killed Marilyn Monroe

The conspiracy theory surrounding the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe entails some questions around her relationship with both John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby. Insiders have alluded to her having an affair with both brothers and writing down dirty details in a little red book. Interviews from neighbors who witnessed certain individuals leaving Monroe’s home, secret recordings taken inside Monroe’s home, and the autopsy report have all played a part in this conspiracy theory. Starting an affair with Bobby Kennedy after it was made clear that John would never leave his wife, she reportedly had a heated argument with Bobby where she threatened to call a press conference and reveal all the dirt on the Kennedy family. Allegedly, Bobby Kennedy enlisted the help of Marilyn’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, who many allege actually murdered Monroe after she was found still alive in her home. Peter Lawford has a big role in this conspiracy theory, since he was alleged to be with Bobby when they drugged Marilyn and ransacked her home for the little red book. Much of the crime scene was brought into question, since there was a bottle of pills on the table without any water or alcohol.

The U.S. Government Withholds Alien Info From Presidents

Something that has come into question in recent years is the fact that Presidents have a finite amount of time in the Oval Office, and yet many of the other people high in government don’t have a limit on how long they can hold their positions. With Presidents coming and going, it shouldn’t surprise the public that there are some things that remain hidden. Although some could stand to reason that the President deserves to know about all of the secrets regarding the nation, past Presidents have proved that sometimes there are some that simply don’t know how to keep a secret. While they may seem like they are divulging certain information to help keep the American public informed, it hasn’t always worked out in their favor. A great example is when Ronald Reagan made numerous mentions of UFO encounters. These admissions were dismissed quickly and unceremoniously, and are almost never mentioned when Reagan or his accomplishments are discussed. Since then, no other Presidents have made any such declarations of alien life forms.

Nuclear War Is Within The Next Few Years

The angst around a potential nuclear world war is at its highest since the Cuban Missile Crisis. In 2015, the Iran nuclear deal became a huge source of contention since many believed it would actually help Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Yet the Middle East isn’t the only region where threats or aggressive behavior provoke thoughts of a pending nuclear war. Vladimir Putin came under fire when he appeared to be backing the allies of Islamic terrorists against the United States, and North Korea has continued to unleash threats against the U.S. and South Korea. One theory is that there are some people that are preparing from a nuclear attack by building doomsday bunkers. Property is owned in the Ozarks by Steven T. Huff, who has ties to a software company that worked with military and intelligence agencies. Unlike any other bunker you could imagine, this 72,000 square foot mansion is more like a world under the ground. It stands to question what he might know that caused him to build such a monstrosity beneath the ground.

We Are On The Brink Of A Zombie Apocalypse

With The Walking Dead continuing to break records for being TV’s highest-rated series, the zombie movement has branched out to include this new obsession. Zombie Burlesque is a hugely popular stage show on the Vegas strip, numerous zombie-themed shows have made their own emergence on television, and there are even zombie-inspired haunted houses and preparation ranges for enthusiasts. Yet many believe that it’s not just the popularity of the show that has inspired the public to prepare for a real zombie apocalypse. The theory that we are actually on the brink of a zombie apocalypse comes from the evolution of medical technology in recent years. Acclaimed neurological researcher and member of the American Academy of Neurology, Dr. Calixto Machado, is working with the biotech group, Bioquark. The focus of their latest endeavor is called the ReAnima project, where they use stem cells to reactivate the brains of the dead. The project will be conducted in both the U.S. and India on brain-dead patients who will have their nervous system stimulated to restart the brain. This seems like a movie plot that didn’t end well, but at least we’re being prepared with all these zombie shows.

The U.S. Is Preparing For Martial Law

With all of the issues surrounding guns in the United States, many registered gun owners are wondering whether or not the issues are being construed to disarm Americans. Worried about losing their Second Amendment right to bear arms, many have theorized that the true reason behind disarming civilians is to prepare for martial law. In 2010 truTV’s Conspiracy Theory released an episode entitled, “Police State,” where they investigated prison-like facilities that were being built in collaboration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Many argued that these FEMA camps could be used to house civilians that don’t agree with American policy, rather than just the preparation by states to react to natural catastrophes. One of the biggest criticisms after Hurricane Katrina was how ill-prepared the state was to handle that much natural destruction. The episode went under intense scrutiny after it aired, and a U.S. Representative spoke out against its accusations and called for the removal of the program. Since this was all revealed by an entertainment program, this added to the perception that perhaps the government didn’t want this truth to be revealed to the world just yet.





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